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What are your shirts made of?

Our shirts are made of a high quality Cotton Elastane blend. Workout shirts made today aren't breathable and are poor quality, so we spent countless hours sourcing materials to ensure a breathable and comfortable fabric that is durable enough for the gym.


Are these shirts stretchy?

Yes, the Elastane along with the high-quality Cotton provides for just the right amount of stretch for a shirt to train in.


How do SAVG shirts fit?

Fit for our shirts was one of the most important things to us, so we dedicated a lot of time working with our suppliers to develop the perfect fit. You can expect that our shirts will be snug around the biceps and chest for a great aesthetic look, but not too tight to where they are uncomfortable. We ensured that our shirts drape the body very well, and are not too long.


Should I size up or down?

If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up. 


Do you source your own products?

Yes. We have spent countless days and nights sampling materials and to ensure the quality of our shirts exceeds our standards. We use the same suppliers as some of the top fitness brands.